Arrow Season 3 Finale My Name is Oliver Queen


Stand up and face your enemy. Proclaim to world: My Name is Oliver Queen. For we are all the Arrow. We have the duty to protect our cities. Be proud of how you are, and take your place next to the man himself in the Arrow Season 3 Finale.

The final boss fight of the season is upon us.

We begin with Ra’s and Oliver heading towards Starling City to begin the fireworks, while Barry Allen stops by Nanda Parbat to release Team Arrow. Fortunately, Oliver made a vaccine so everyone is okay and alive.

Back on the plane, Oliver and Nyssa unleash their deception to force Ra’s off the plane, taking out the League’s remaining assassins in the process. Unfortunately, Ra’s takes the virus with him, vowing to destroy the city with a four point attack.

Team Arrow manage to find all four bombs, but not before they all release the Omega plague on to the city. With the help of the police, Team Arrow manages to contain the virus while Oliver battles Ra’s for the fate of the city on top of a nearby dam. Oliver eventually wins, killing Ra’s, but ends up needing help from Felicity (in the ATOM suit) to escape some police snipers.

The season ends with Oliver retiring from the hero gig, opting for a simpler life with Felicity, and handing over the League of Assassins over to Malcom. . The rest of Team Arrow vow to maintain the city in Oliver’s absence.

My name is Oliver Queen did now reach the levels of awesome that the Season 2 finale gave us, but it did felt needed. Episode 23 felt more like a series finale that wrapped up all three seasons than season finale. The Arrow is no more, but at least everyone can live in peace. Team Arrow will live on, protecting the city as they go.

Where the show goes from here, only the writers know. We have to wait for October and Season 4 to see how they will continue the story. Still, I am glad to have discovered Arrow. I’m disappointed in myself from not watching it earlier. Because I join mid second season, I missed out on a lot of the references and back story to fully understand what it all means. I did enjoy Season 3 though, and I can’t wait for Season 4.

Until then, we have our memories of the great battles, great tech, and the great drama Arrow gave us this season. The comments section is open for any of you that want to post their own tales of Season 3. I hope you will all return for my Season 4 reviews when they begin. For now, we have The Flash season finale next week, and you can read all of my Arrow Season 3 reviews on this blog to remember the season in all of its glory.

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