Arrow Season 3 Episode 22 This is Your Sword


Get up and stand your ground. This is Your Sword. Use it like the warrior you are. Fate has chosen you for greatness. You just have to believe in yourself and your friends much like Oliver in Episode 22 of Arrow Season 3.

By order of Ra’s al Ghul, Oliver, Al Sah-him, and Nyssa al Ghul get married in this episode, but not before Team Arrow and the League of Assassins gives us a nice fight scene.

We start off with Team Arrow keeping Starling City safe in Oliver’s absence before learning that Oliver is playing Ra’s for a fool. We also learn that it was Maseo that gave Ra’s the Omega virus, as his personal punishment for the death of his son.

Merlyn brings word of Ra’s’ plans for the virus and Starling City to Team Arrow with Tatsu for insurance. The group then makes way to Nanda Parbat to deal with the League and bring Oliver back home. During the confrontation, Tatsu kills Maseo before the League turns the tables and captures them.

Afterward, Ra’s seals Team Arrow in a room and drops some virus on them, while he prepares Oliver and Nyssa for marriage.

Since Oliver shows up in next week’s Flash episode, we know Oliver gets out of the League in time to get to Central City, but we don’t get to see it in this episode. We just see Team Arrow get gassed while Oliver gets himself a woman, though I don’t think that woman is all that happy for it.

We also know that Team Arrow will survive their gas trap. We see them in the promo for the next Arrow episode as well. Other than the wedding, this episode is worthless, but that’s the fault for the CW marketing crew. TV promos always contain spoilers. We just have to live with it. Still, we don’t know how Team Arrow escapes Nanda Parbat.

Maybe we will get that next week along with how they will defeat Ra’s. It’s the season finale, and Barry and Team Flash make an appearance as well. It’s going to rock, but first we have to get through a Flash episode on Tuesday.

Until then, feel free to post your own reviews of Episode 22 in the comments below while reading my other Arrow reviews.


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