Arrow Season 3 Episode 21 Al Sah-him


All hail the Great Al Sah-him, the heir to Ra’s Al Ghul. He will lead the League of Assassins to new heights. First, he will suffer through a few trials to see if he is indeed worthy enough to replace the Great Ra’s in Episode 21 of Arrow Season 3. 

Last time, Thea was resurrected. Oliver joined the League. Ray dumped Facility. Laurel and Nysaa bonded over their fathers.

This time, Oliver’s adventures with the League continues as he trains be one of them. DUring his training, Ra’s bestows Oliver a new name, Al Sah-him, which means the Arrow in the language of the League. We then get a little tale about how Ra’s became the League’s leader, introducing us to next season’s final boss, Damien Darhk. Oliver is then sent to eliminate all who would oppose him as the real hero: Nyssa.

This sets off the plot for the remainder of the episode.

Oliver and the League arrive in Starling City on their quest for Nyssa. She confronts them without the approval of Laurel, who saves her before Oliver could make the final blow. This forces Plan B and using Lyla to smoke Nyssa out of Starling City.

At the exchange, the Legaye takes Nyssa despite a fight breaking out. Oliver would have killed Diggle in the fight if Thea didn’t come along to show us why she will go by the name Speedy in the next season.

The episode ends in Nanda Parbat, where Ra’s orders Nyssa to marry Oliver. He then orders Oliver to use the Alpha/Omega virus from the flashback on Starling City to complete Oliver’s training.

With a fourth season on the way, we know Oliver makes it out of the League. We just don’t know how. Dumping the virus on Starling plot might show us the way. We know he must come back to his senses before the end of the season, as he will appear in The Flash, but CW gave us no clues to predict where they are going with it. Hopefully, we will get more answers in the next episode of Arrow.

Until then, feel free to post your own reviews of Al Sah-him in the comments below while you read my review of the last Arrow episode, The Fallen.


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