The Flash 19 Who Is Harrison Wells?

The Flash

Who is Harrison Wells? Who is the man that founded STAR Labs? Who is the man in the wheelchair? Who is brains behind Team Flash? Is he who he says he is or is he something else? We will find out in Episode 19 of The Flash

We start the episode with a feast, a pizza feast. Barry is so fast he can order and pick up pizza from across the nation and still bring it home hot enough to eat. That is some amazing speed powers right there. It’s all you need!

But the party can’t go on forever, and we come face to face to the meta-human of the episode as quickly as Barry can pick up pizza. Today, Hannibal Bates is our meta-human of the week, and he is a shape-shifter.

Bates can become anyone he touches, and he manages to capture the likenesses of Eddie, Iris, Barry, and a few others. Team Flash eventually captures him, but he gets away by framing Eddie for murder. Bates even used Barry’s identity to get into STAR Labs before Dr. Wells figures out the truth. Fortunately, Catlin develops a poison to stop Bates, which Barry uses to bring the shape-shifter to justice and clear Eddie’s name.

Meanwhile, Joe and Cisco were in Starling City trying to figure out who is Harrison Wells. With the help of Captain Lance, they found the site where Eobard Thawne stole the original Well’s name and identify. They even discover Wells; dead body near the site. After some confirming tests, Team Flash discover Eobard’s secret room at STAR Labs, finding both the Reverse Flash costume and the newspaper from the future.

In the next episode, everyone will know about Eobard Thawne. It took 20 weeks to get here, but finally the Season 1 final boss will show his true form. No one cares about a mere shape-shifting meta-human. The Reverse Flash is the real story of the episode, and it looks like the rest of the season will devotes to showing us Who Is Harrison Wells.

I hope they figure out how to keep the actor on the show., but Eobard Thawne / Harrison Wells has been my favorite TV villain since the show began. Either way, it’s time for the final show down. I will post my review of Episode 20, The Trap, as soon as possible after the episode airs on Tuesday. Until then, feel free to post your own theories on who you think Harrison Wells is in the comments below while reading my Flash Episode 18 review here.

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