The Flash 18 All Star Team Up

The Flash

A swarm of killer bees is coming to your town. You cannot hide. They always know were you are. We need an All Star Team Up to defeat them. Fortunately, the Flash has the ATOM on speed dial in Episode 18 of The Flash

Great things happen when everyone knows you are a superhero. Episode 18 starts off with eh fun romp of Barry, Eddie, and Joe stopping crime all over the city. The fun stops when word of the murder of an engineering professor comes in on the radio. Killer bees killed the professor, and all the clues point to a meta-human that can control bees.

To make matters worse, Felicity and Ray Palmer are in town looking for some ATOM suit upgrades.

Fortunately, the bees are robots, and Team Flash, Felicity, and Ray eventually captures their queen, a disgruntled scientist named Brie Larvan from Mercury Labs. She turned out to be the perfect foil for Felicity which suggests that we will see her on Arrow eventually.

The episode plot existed only to introduce Larvan. Other than a few cool bee moments, it was nothing special for the show. The arc plot was another story.

Barry starts off struggling with whether or not he can trust Cisco and Catlin in his fight against Doctor Wells. With some prodding from joe, Barry eventually does tell his friends the whole story though Catlin rejects it. Cisco has been having dreams of the other timeline so accepts the reveal immediately.

Catlin’s dilemma will write next episode, but for now, more people know about Wells and the Reverse Flash. That will only help If no one spills the beans before its time. None of them know Wells is Eobard Thawne though. They will get more info on that in the next episode, but things are getting interesting.

Team Flash still has to deal with Iris’ investigations into STAR Labs as well, but I feel they will get to that eventually. For now, we can enjoy the Felicity and ATOM theatrics.

Until next time, feel free to post your reviews of the All Star Team Up below while you read my review of Episode 17 of The Flash.


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