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The Flash

The old is new again as there is a new Trickster in town and he wants to be the Trickster from the 90s. If the two Tricksters manages to join forces, Central City will not survive the onslaught. Fortunately, we have two Flashes in Episode 17 of The Flash.  

The episode starts off with the new Trickster, Axel Walker, blowing up a crowd in a park. This leads Barry and Joe down a goose chase that ends up as a diversion so Axel can break the old Trickster, Jesse James, out of jail.

The two Tricksters join forces to extort some money from some wealthy people with a poison before the Flash arrives to save the day. The tricksters turn the tables by slapping a bomb on Barry that blows up if he slows down like a cheap reference to the Speed movies.

Barry does manage to get the bomb off his arm with a little speed coaching from Dr. Wells. Barry can now walk through walls, but the incident also proves to Barry that Wells is the Reverse Flash. At least, Barry got to save the day and place the Tricksters in jail. Speaking of which, it appears our new Trickster is the son of the old one.

What a weird episode. The only main purpose of its existence was for Mark Hamill’s guest appearance as the 90s Trickster. Sure, Barry can now run through walls. He fully realizes that Wells is the Reverse Flash. Eddie Thawne now knows Barry is The Flash. We got to see how Eobard Thawne became Wells. But, this episode was billed as a Mark Hamill fan service episode.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of Hamill’s work, and his role in the episode was phenomenal. They could of done better job at introducing the Tricksters. As I said in other blogs, I have not read any of the Flash comics nor have I watched the 90s series. All my knowledge of the Flash comes from the Justice League cartoons. I had no reason to care for Hamill’s role in the episode other than the actor himself, and that weakened the entire episode for me.

I got two more Flash episode to go through until I catch up with current episodes. So, look forward to reading my Episode 18 review when I post it. In the meantime, feel free to post your Episode 18 reviews in the comments below, and read my The Flash Episode 16 review here.

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