The Flash 16 Rogue Time

The Flash

Everyone gets a sense of déjà vu every now and then. Everyone feels like they repeat days on end at some point of their lives. Not many of us actually have to face the same day over and over again like Barry does in Episode 16 of The Flash. I don’t know what I would do if I had to live through that sort of Rogue Time.  

Everything resets in this episode. Barry moves faster than time to relive last episode with the added bonus of knowing what happens. Despite Dr. Wells warning him about the dangers of spoilers, Barry tries to accelerate and change the script that will eventually lead him to disaster. At least, Barry’s time screw saves Cisco and Central City (for now).

With the old plot complete, the episode moves on to the next one. Leonard Snart. a. k. a. Captain Cold, and Mick Rory are back in Central City for some Rogue Time action, and Cold brought his sister, Lisa, along for the ride. They want Cisco to make more guns for them, and Lisa is the trap. Drunk Cisco falls for it and ends up making three guns for the rogues: a rebuild cold gun, a fire gun, and a Midas gun that turns everything gold; to save his brother.

Cisco eventually escapes but not before reveling Barry’s identity as the Flash to Cold. After realizing his time travel mistakes, Barry goes and makes a truce with Snart, and agrees to leave the Rogues alone if they leave innocent people and Barry’s friends alone.

In the end, this was another fan service episode, but we needed to know how time travel effects the story. The Flash is a notorious time traveler in the comics. So, they had to do something like this. They could have left off some of the Cisco back story though. We didn’t need to see his brother, but I will let it pass since it didn’t effect the over all plot of the series.

Next time more Reverse Flash shenanigans. The episode ends with the Reverse Flash killing Iris’s friend while taking all of his Wells and Simon Stagg evidence. That story will continue into the next episode. So, look for my review of it later in the week if not later tonight. Until then, feel free to post your own reviews in the comments below and read my other Flash episodes posted to this site.

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