Gotham 21 The Anvil or The Hammer


What weapon will you choose in your fight against the Ogre? Will it be The Anvil or The Hammer? Either way, you only have one shot. You must make it count or the city will be lost like it is in Episode 21 of Gotham

The penultimate episode is upon us! One more attempt for Gordon to capture the Ogre, and this time Barbara will be the victim if he doesn’t succeed. That is a lot of pressure for one man to handle, but Gordon does find the will to do what he must do in this episode.

This goes to Bullock as well. They way he shuts down a sex club was something I did not expect to see in him. Good job Detective Bullock! Unfortunately, Gordon have to give Penguin more favors to get everything they got from the club.

Still, the two detectives manage to find the Ogre, who had fled to Barbara’s parents. The two heroes manages to kill the Ogre and save Barbara and Gotham, but at the cost of Barbara’s parents. R. I. P., I say!

Meanwhile, Bruce shows off his pre-Batman skills as he sneaks into Wayne Enterprises for information. Unfortunately, he still has much to learn as he is immediately caught in front of a secret vault. After getting a nice speech about his parents, Bruce is forced out of the building. Fortunately, the Waynes still have loyal employees in the company as the man assigned to remove Bruce from the building gives him a secret message about his father that will lead to something special next week according to the promos.

In the C plot, Penguin sets the stage for the season finale by unleashing an assassination attempt on Maroni. The assassination promptly fails as Penguin predicts causing the two mob bosses, Maroni and Falcone, to begin an all out shooting war against each other as the credits roll. Nygma took another step to become the Riddler as well.

Things are getting exciting as we come to the conclusion of the season. One more episode left, and it’s an all out war. The mob war will make a great finale that will lead us into Season 2. I can’t wait, I want the fireworks now!

But, at last, we have to wait until next Monday to find out how Gotham ends up. In the meantime, feel free to post your own reviews of the episode in the comments below while you read my last Gotham review here.

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