Gotham 19 Beasts of Prey


Be careful around those that compliment you. Not everyone is what they appear to be. The Beasts of Prey stalk their victims in sheep’s clothing. Be observant of every little detail and you won’t fall victim like the many who do in Episode 19 of Gotham.  

The episode starts off with Gordon and Bruce talking about the events from the previous episode. Despite Gordon’s warning, Bruce goes after Payne with Selina in tow. The two kids manages to get Payne to reveal the Wayne Enterprises Board of Directors plot to sabotage Bruce and Alfred before Selina push the man out of a window. Bruce almost did it but hesitated setting up their future relationship as Batman and Cat Woman.

Cat’s murder sets the stage or the episode. Everyone kills everyone, and that’s just the beginning. Gordon and Bullock investigate a cold case only to run into the Season’s final boss, a serial killer known as the Ogre.

The Ogre cons women and kills them if they don’t do when he wants them to do. He also kills every family member and significant other of every cop that investigates him. An interesting final boss to say the least, especially since Commissioner Loeb tricked Gordon to take the case.

The filler plots included Cobblepot conning a bar owner for a place to kill Maroni, and Mooney escaping Dollmaker with some friends. These filler parts brought our mob character further in their stories, but otherwise irrelevant. Cobblepot is setting things up for next week while Fish is on her way back to Gotham.

The Ogre is an interesting main villain. He captures Barbara in the trailers for the next episode (so I can talk about it here), but otherwise we only got to see what the Ogre did for his last victim. Still, forcing Gordon to take the case was not cool of Loeb. I expect Gordon will bring the Ogre in for justice, but for now he’s free to kill a few more.

The Ogre arc continues for the next two episodes (at least), and I will post my last backordered Gotham review this weekend before the penultimate episode airs Monday. Until then, feel free to post your own reviews of the Ogre while you read my Gotham Episode 18 review here.



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