Arrow Season 3 Episode 20 The Fallen


Thea has died, but do not weep for her. Do not show remorse for The Fallen for she would not want it. Move on and live your life because she will rise again from the Lazarus Pit in Episode 20 of Arrow Season 3! 

This episode exists for three different purposes.

1 Thea’s death and the Pit

Last time, Ra’s Al Ghul slaughtered Thea like the final boss he is. Episode 20 begins with Thea using the last bit of her strength to reach her phone to call for help. Fortunately, Oliver comes home just in time. Unfortunately, Thea’s wounds are fatal.¬†After several attempts, even a hospital visit, there is nothing Team Arrow can do for her.

2 Oliver Joining the League

As Thea lays there dying, Oliver makes arrangements to save her. Too bad, only a bath in the Lazarus Pit will heal her wounds, and the League of Assassins owns the Pit. This means Ra’s wins. Oliver has to become Ra’s’ heir and join the League if he wants Thea to live, despite Malcolm’s warnings.

After a dip in the Pit, Thea comes out as a new woman. The Pit changes a person soul, but at least Thea lives to see another day. Her memories are a bit jumbled though.

3 Ray dumps Felicity

Knowing the Oliver would not come willingly, Felicity drugs him so they can escape. However, Oliver wakes up to call off the Assassins following them and returns to Ra’s. Back in Starling City, Ray talks about the conversation Oliver and Felicity had in the last episode noting that Felicity belongs with Oliver. Now, Felicity is free to a full member of Team Arrow again, and this time, as her own character.

Overall, an amazing episode. We finally get to see someone use the Pit. I though it would be Ra’s himself, but Thea is good too. The Pit may play another role in the series though. Season 4 is greenlit, which means Oliver does have to return to Starling City at some point. Killing Ra’s is the only way to do that, and we know the League will just toss their leader into the Pit again.

But for now, Oliver is a member of the League under the name Al Sah-him, the Arrow, until he is ready to be the new Ra’s al Ghul. Will he do that in the next episode? We have to wait until Wednesday to find out. Until then, discuss The Fallen in the comments bellow while reading my review of Arrow Episode 19 here.

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