Arrow Season 3 Episode 19 Broken Arrow


What would you do if your life turned upside down? What would you do when you have a Broken Arrow? What would you do it you lost the most important thing to you? Would you run and hide? Or would you stand up and fight like they do in Episode 19 of Arrow Season 3? 

In military speak, Broken Arrow means missing nuclear weapon. In laymen terms, it means something important is missing. In the Arrow Universe, it means Team Arrow has problems.

We begin with the arrest of Roy, who turned himself in at the end of the last episode claiming to be the Arrow, clearing Oliver’s name. Roy has to defend himself in prison, but he can protect himself while Team Arrow figures out how to get him out.

Meanwhile, Team Arrow has to deal with a meta-human on the loose in Starling City by the name of Jake Simmons. Unfortunately, Captain Lance decides to crash the party with a search warrant for Verdant and Oliver’s hideout. Fortunately, he only finds Roy’s fingerprints and is forces out.

With Oliver being watched and Roy in prison, Team Arrow has to rely on Ray to handle Simmons. SImmons can shoot lasers from his eyes. So, the ATOM is the best choice to handle him if Ray knew what he was doing. They do have Felicity though, and she whips up a system so that Oliver can control Ray by remote control. The two manage to capture the Cyclops wannabe, letting everyone return their concerns to Roy.

However, Roy faked his own death (with some ARGUS help), and everything ends up okay with Team Arrow. Roy has to leave town. Oliver can no longer go out as the Arrow, but everything is okay. Until Ra’s Al Ghul shows up can kills Thea, but that is a story for the next episode.

That ending scene was something. They foretold that someone was going to die on the show. Everyone thought is was Roy. No one figured Thea. Roy leaving town and his fake death are moments in their own right. Obviously, the character will no longer be a regular on the show. Still, the show needed a change for Season 4. Roy’s departure leaves room for Thea, who can now join Team Arrow as Speedy.

She needs a resurrection though, and she will get it in the next episode. Hopefully, I will post my review of Arrow Episode 20 before 21 airs on Wednesday. Look forward to it. You know I am looking forward to writing it. In the meantime, feel free to post your own Broken Arrow tales in the comments while reading my Episode 18 review here.


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