Arrow Season 3 Episode 18 Public Enemy


The League shot the Mayor, but they did not shoot the police Captain. Team Arrow is winning the fight, but Ra’s AL Ghul plays by his own rules. Now, Arrow is Public Enemy Number 1 in Episode 18 of Season 3! 

Last time, Maseo killed the mayor making it look like Oliver did it. Captain Lance then calls for a manhunt for the Arrow with shoot to kill orders in effect. Ray gets shot full of arrows during the hunt and ends up in a hospital with a life-threatening blot clot that requires ATOM tech to cure. Fortunately, he has Felicity around to inject the nanobots into him.

Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend, Oliver enlists Nyssa’s help to track down and stop Maseo. Though, Ra’s comes in to remind Oliver that he is the screenwriter for the episode and Oliver’s nightmare won’t end until Oliver accepts his offer to be his heir. Ra’s even tells Captain Lance that Oliver is the Arrow to force the issue.

Oliver obviously rejects Ra’s leading to him getting captured by Lance after being called out as the Arrow on live television. To save Oliver, Roy turns himself in as the Arrow to end the episode.

There is not much I can say about the episode. Ra’s’ plan continues while Oliver is turned into a Public Enemy. Quentin Lance finally learns about Oliver’s secrets, but his gung-ho, irrational stance towards the Arrow seems forced. He basically takes Ra’s revelation at face value without questioning who his source was. This only leads to devastation for Starling City and Team Arrow.

In the next episode, Ra’s plan comes to fruition, but for now we have to settle with the chase. The final arc of the season is turning into something grand, a modern classic. The next two episode  will pick up the pace, but for now post your reviews for Episode 18 in the comments below. I will post my Episodes 19 and 20 reviews this weekend. Until then, feel free to read my review of Arrow Season 3 Episode 17 here.


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