Arrow Season 3 Episode 17 Suicidal Tendencies


It’s time for celebration! Diggle and Lyla are getting remarried. Let’s enjoy the moment with them before anything bad happens to them. We don’t want any Suicidal Tendencies get in the way of the fun. But, we know it will in Episode 17 of Arrow Season 3. 

Amanda Waller interrupts our newly weds for a Suicide Squad mission to rescue a senator from a kidnapping that turns out be a ruse for the senator’s Presidential run. The Diggles and their team manages to free the hostages but not until Deadshot sacrifices himself for the team.

This half of the episode relies on our feelings for Deadshot. He’s been in the show for awhile, and has gather many fans. To see their favorite character kill himself so others can live must been both sad and heartwarming. As I came to Arrow late, I have no reason to care for the guy other than the brief flashback they showed us here. Still, I must wonder how it would feel to have your honeymoon canceled for work only to see a friend died because of that work.

Meanwhile in Starling City, the police are hunting Arrow wit Ray Palmer joining the quest.  This is all a ruse by Ra’s Al Ghul to get Oliver to take his spot as the next Ra’s, and but that doesn’t stop Ray using his ATOM suit to identify Oliver as Arrow. While Laurel refuses Ray’s evidence, Ray decides to be the hero and confronts Oliver in a factory. Oliver ends up disabling the ATOM suit, convincing Ray that he’s been framed, and that they have to work together to defeat the League and Ra’s.

Unfortunately, Maseo kills the mayor as Arrow to bring us to the next episode.

We have completely entered the final arc of the season. Oliver is a marked man, and the whole city wants him behind bars. Ra’s gets what he wants, and he’s not shy about using other people to do that.

Next time, Oliver turns himself in. I missed several reviews, and I plan on completing them all before the end of the season. Look forward to my remaining Arrow reviews some time this week as well as my reviews of The Flash and Gotham. In the meantime, write your own reviews in the comments below, and read my Arrow Episode 16 review here.


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