The Flash 15 Out of Time

The Flash

People like to complain about the weather like their complaining will do something about it. Most of us will never face the true onslaught of nature barreling down on us. We will never fear knowing that we are Out of Time and the end is near. Barry Allen is not that lucky. Despite his speed, he might not have the time to save his friends and family in the fifteenth episode of The Flash

Episode 15 begins a two-part time episode. Mark Madon returns to Central City to avenge his brother. Cisco starts believing Joe’s misgivings about Harrison Wells, and we get some romantic drama between Iris, Linda, Barry, and Eddie.

Unfortunately, the episode suffers from being the setup part. We get several unrelated plots running on top of each other vying for attention. While the Weather Wizard and his hut for Joe serves as the main plot of the episode, we rarely stay with it. Instead, we branch off to the side plots.

Episode 15 has only two crowning moments. First, Harrison Wells reveals that he is Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash and a man from the future, before he kills Cisco. He’s in our time to kill Barry, but is not stranded in our time.  Secondly, Barry Allen moves so fast that he teleports through time, setting up the next episode, but not before he reveals his Flash identity to Iris.

Cisco discovered that Eobard used a hologram to appear in two places at once in order to hide his identity when they captured the Reverse Flash in the first mid-season finale.  I’m surprised no one on Team Flash noticed the holographic program in the containment field unit. While I understand why they write things that way, it still doesn’t make sense. It appears that Barry, Cisco, and Catlin are not as observant as I thought they were.

The next episode takes things from here. The previews show that Cisco is alive. Therefore, Barry’s time travel has reset everything. Time travel is not for the faint of heart, and only a few television series and movie pulled it off correctly. It’s going to be interesting to see how WB implements this cliché trope. The preview looks like a big Groundhog Day reference. We have to watch the next episode to see if that’s the case. In the meantime, post your own comments below while you read my other Flash reviews.


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