Gotham 18 Everyone Has a Cobblepot


Who is your Cobblepot? Who is your one weakness. Everyone Has a Cobblepot. So, who is yours? Who is the one person that can make you do anything. The secret you never want others to know. The thing you desperately want buried where no one can find it? Jim Gordon will discover this truth in the 18 episode of Gotham. 

The first season of Gotham is winding down, and I am glad the series was renewed for a second season. It’s a lot of fun even If you don’t get all the references. That’s the hallmark of good comic book television. You can enjoy the series regardless if you are new to the franchise or a seasoned community veteran. Knowing the mythos behind the stories improves your enjoyment, but the series does not rely on that. Gotham is an example of a series that does it right.

Episode 18 picks up where Episode 17 ended. Alfred is recovering from his wound. Bruce is dealing with the threats from the Wayne Enterprises board of directors. Gordon and Harvey dent investigating the sudden release of Arnold Flass by Commissioner Loeb. Fish Mooney recovery from pulling her eye out.

The episode name comes from Harvey Bullock. During the Flass investigation,¬†Bullock informs Gordon that Commissioner Loeb uses information he has on people’s mob murders to blackmail them. This time, Loeb used Bullock to falsely confess to using illegitimate evidence against Flass.

This begins the episode’s main plot of Gordon and Bullock trying to find Loeb’s Cobblepot. Turns out, Loeb has a psychotic daughter that he doesn’t want anyone to know about, mostly because said daughter killed his wife. Unfortunately for our heroes, they had to enlist the help of Oswald Cobblepot himself, in return for an eventual favor.

We all have personal secrets we don’t want anyone else knowing. It doesn’t matter who you are or how up on the social ladder you are. We all have our very own Cobblepot that anyone can use against us. How we deal with those secrets define us as people: are we slaves or the captains o our own lives. Gordon uses Loeb’s Cobblepot to free Bullock and to make himself the president of the police union, despite Floss wanting the position for himself.

Gotham is racing towards its season finale, but we get a break until April 13. That’s enough time to ponder who our Cobblepots are. If you’re brave enough, post yours in the comments below. Until next time, feel free to read my Gotham Episode 17 review as well.

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