Arrow Season 3 Episode 16 The Offer


If the mob asked you to be their Don, would you take the job? If your greatest enemy came up to you and offered you his position, would you take it? If the League of Assassins asked you to be the next Ra’s Al Ghul, would you accept The Offer? Oliver has to ponder this decision in Episode 16 of Arrow Season 3. 

Episode 16 is the setup for the season’s last arc. It has nothing to offer except some comic book fan service and exposition. We need this episode before we jump into the main event, but the episode itself is unmemorable.

Ra’s al Ghul attempts to make Oliver accept the role of his replacement. He goes over what the League is, what it does, and its famous Lazarus Pit which will heal any wound including old age. Unfortunately, the Pit is loosing its power, which has Ra’s considering his heir. He offers Diggle and Merlyn as a show of good faith and a down payment.

Oliver responds by saying that he needs time to think and heads back to Starling. He releases Nyssa, confusing his friends, and continues to stop crime. Despite that, everything seems normal. Quentin won’t work with him since he lied about Sara’s death, and his friends complain about his actions, but life seems good for Oliver.

Eventually, he realizes that he needs to be the Arrow and protect his city, and promptly rejects’ Ra’s’ offer, who warns of the consequences of denying him. Upset with her father’s decision, Nyssa follows Oliver back to Starling City and premises to train Laurel. The episode ends with Ra’s killing a few criminals to frame the Arrow for murder, bringing us straight into the main final arc of the season.

Like I said, not much happens in this episode. It just bridges the gap from previous arc to the finale. Though, the introspection over The Offer has its own rewards. I was never given an offer I couldn’t refuse. So, I don’t know what I would do in Oliver’s shoes. He picks staying in Starling as the Arrow, but I don’t know how Sa’s will respond to that. The previews for the next two episodes indicate that the leader of the League does not take rejection well, and that does not bode well for Starling City.

In the meantime, feel free to post your Episode 16 reviews in the comments below while you read my other Arrow reviews.

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