Arrow Season 3 Episode 15 Nanda Parbat


You can’t just walk into Nanda Parbat. There’s an evil there that does not sleep. The great demon head watches all from his Lazarus Pit. Only foolish mortals would storm the headquarters of the League of Assassins. To save Thea, Oliver and Diggle must do just that in Episode 15 of Arrow Season 3.¬†

Time to head straight into the final arc of Arrow Season 3. Oliver and Thea are back in town doing more training with Malcom Merlyn. After some internal struggle, Thea goes and confesses the truth to Laurel about her and Sara. Then, she makes a deal to send her father to the League. Laurel then goes to confront Merlyn only to get her ass handed to her until Nyssa and the League show up to take over.

With the capture of Merlyn, Oliver decides to go to Nanda Parbat to save him and Thea’s soul leading us to one of the series’ most memorable choreographed battle scenes. The Battle of the Glades was fun. The Storming of Nanda Parbat was epic. Oliver and Diggle taking on the entire League of Assassins. Unfortunately, the two men fall in to a trap. Fortunately for our heroes, Ra’s al Ghul offers Oliver his position as the head of the League¬†as an appreciation for Oliver’s courage and strength.

For the B plot, Thea confesses her sins to Nyssa with an offer for revenge, and Ray does some ATOM and Felicity test flights. All the while, everyone disowns Oliver for heading to Nanda Parbat to get Merlyn.

Ra’s’ offer comes straight out of Batman lore. Nearly every Batman television and film series presents its in some way, and the comics have their own methods for showing it. Basically, Ra’s wants an exist strategy, and Bruce is his primary replacement candidate because Ra’s’ daughter is in love with him.

Nyssaa has never shown interest in Oliver so I doubt that is the angle they are using here. Plus, Nyssa appears homosexual given her relationship with Sara. But, Ra’s must see something in Oliver to give him the Batman offer. We will see if Oliver takes it when Episode 16 airs on March 18. Until then. Arrow is taking a break.

For now, we can enjoy our memories of the Storming of Nanda Parbat while you write your reviews in the comments below and read my review of The Return here.

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