Arrow Season 3 Episode 14 The Return


It’s time to prepare for The Return of the League of Assassins. They want to avenge Sara’s death, and they will cut down anyone that gets in their way. Can the heroes of Starling City hold back the tide? We will find out on Episode 14 of Arrow Season 3.¬†

Episode 14 is a training montage, but not your usual montage. In the last episode, Merlyn sent Oliver and Thea to the Island of Lian Yu for training. Now, the two are on the island preparing for the League of Assassins.

After dreaming of Sara over night, Oliver decides to visit¬†Slade Wilson at the island’s A. R. G. U. S. prison camp only to see a dead guard and the man himself missing. He runs off to warn Thea only to be ambushed and thrown in jail with Thea by Slade after digging up a gun he buried in his father’s grave.

After breaking out of the prison, Oliver and Thea race to stop Slade from leaving the islands only to have Thea learn the truth that she killed Sara herself. They eventually subdue Slade enough to through him back behind bars.

The entire flashback sequence served as the B plot showcasing how Oliver made his return to Starling City. It seams Thea did drugs while he was away, and China White was using Queen Consolidated as a cover to sell and distribute her drugs. The episode ends with a video message from Oliver’s father explaining the list of names with an order to Oliver to save the city.

Thea’s revelation is the only major moment for the episode. While we get to see Thea’s skills at breaking out of jail and how Oliver returned to Starling, only Thea’s drugged up murder of Sara will have lasting consequences later in the series. The rest of the episode just served as a vehicle to deliver that scene with some Slade fan service. It was a great fight though. Thea learned much under her father.

I probably would have more to say here if I watched the series since the first episode, but I’ll leave it here for now. Next episode has more things to talk about as we get back on the main plot with the arrival of the League in Starling. Until, I release my review of it, feel free to post your own reviews in the comments below while you read my review of Arrow Season 3 Episode 13 here.


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