The Flash 14 Fallout

The Flash

When your life blows up, you have to pick yourself up from the Fallout and move forward regardless of what happens to you. This is especially true if you find yourself with super powers just like Ronnie and Dr. Stein in Episode 14 of The Flash.  

Episode 14 concludes the two-part FIRESTORM arc with a bang!

We continue off last week’s nuclear explosion which succeeded in splitting FIRESTORM up into Ronnie and Dr. Stein.  Team Flash then try to bring Dr. Stein back to his wife while Catlin and Ronnie have a nice moment together. Meanwhile, the army surveys the explosion site only to get there too late as Team Flash and the FIRESTORM duo had already left for STAR Labs.

Later Joe shows Barry the images from the mirror they said he was presents during his mother’s murder as his current self, leading Barry to confront Dr. Stein about time travel. Meanwhile, Wells confronts General Eiling about FIRESTORM. After some negotiation, Well’s agrees to give the army Stein to keep Barry’s secret leading to Stein getting tortured for info on the FIRESTORM matrix. Ronnie then uses his FIRESTORM connection to track down where the army was keeping Stein for a final Team Flash rescue. Everything goes well until the army forces Stein and Ronnie to re-fuse back into FIRESTORM to get everyone out.

Fortunately, our duo do it right this time giving them the ability to jump back in and out of FIRESTORM on command. They end the episode leaving for some training. We will definitely see them again, and I like where they are taking the character.

During the whole FIRESTORM ordeal, Iris and her boss decide to investigate the secrets of STAR Labs while Well’s reveals he is a Reverse-Flash by dragging General Eiling into the sewers and into the hands of Grodd to end the episode.

FIRESTORM is such an interesting character. Good fusions are rare. It is a popular trope, but people rarely pull off combining two or more people into a single person right. The Flash shows how such a melding of minds can both fail and work with a tale that makes you care about the characters. I cannot wait for when they give use more of Ronnie and Stein. The comics also add an additional character to the matrix, and I would love to see how they pull that off as well.

We have to wait three weeks to find out though. CW is preempting The Flash until March 17 for some reasons. Until then, feel free to post your own reviews in the comments below while you read my FIRESTORM Part 1 review here.

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