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The Flash

Sometimes, you get to live life on the fast lane. Other times, you have to be The Nuclear Man and get back to basics. Before you reach critical mass, take some time out of your day to read my review on The Flash Episode 13. 

Now, that we know the players in the FIRESTORM ordeal, we can now have two part episodes for the DC character. FIRESTORM is a combination of two or more people, and The Flash stays true to this. Last time, we learned that Dr. Stein fused with Ronnie to become FIRESTORM. In this episode, Team Flash has to find them to stop them from causing havoc throughout Central City.

The episode begins by showing Barry’s relationship problems with both Linda and Iris before it jumps to FIRESTORM injuring a scientist. Team Flash uses Stein’s wife to talk sense into them when they discover that Stein is in control of FIRESTORM . They convince him to come to STAR Labs with them by telling him that they will try to split the two men apart. Wells’ uses his tachyon device to create a toll to do just that after they find out that FIRESTORM will explode if they can’t split the two.

The team takes FIRESTORM to a location far from the city to use the device and detonates it. The explosion alerts the army of FIRESTORM’s presence before the episode fades to black.  Meanwhile, Cisco and Joe stake out the house Barry’s mother died to discover who actually killed her. They use some technobabble to show that Barry was there as an adult, and that Wells was not the man in the yellow suit.

As Wells’ proclaims, a scientist’s work is never done. This FIRESTORM origins story serves its purpose to give the character a proper introduction. While FIRESTORM was in other episodes, we only now get his name as a matrix.

Next time, we get the conclusion of the FIRESTORM origins arc. This episode left us with FIRESTORM becoming The Nuclear Man, but we all know that this is not the end for the character. Until I can post my review of Part 2, feel free to post your Episode 13 reviews in the comments below, and read my Flash Episode 12 review here.

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