The Flash 12 Crazy For You

The Flash

What would you do if someone came up to you and said they were Crazy For You? Would you run away with them for a life of crime? Or would you use your meta-human powers for good in Episode 12 of The Flash

Episode 12 transitions us from the Rogues to the FIRESTORM arc. Essentially the Valentine’s Day episode of The Flash, Crazy For You follows Barry’s and Catlin’s struggles to get on with their lives. Barry just lost Iris to another man for good, while Catlin is still dealing with what happened to Ronnie.

The Rogue of the Week is a woman with teleportation powers. As long as she can see her destination, she can teleport to anywhere from anywhere. This woman, named Shawna Baer, uses her powers to free her boyfriend, Clay Parker, who is currently in jail.

As the episode takes place partially at the prison, we get to see Henry Allen, Barry’s father, doing some behind-bars detective work. Papa Allen uses his connections to discover that Clay and Shawna were working for a local crime boss who was using them for a major heist. This lets us to several rounds of the Flash versus Shawna, speed versus teleport. Barry wins by using Shawna’s one weakness: she needs light to see her teleportation destination.

The B plot was all FIRESTORM. Cisco frees Hartley from his cell to find information on Ronnie only to discover Dr. Sein’s FIRESTORM research. Stein was researching transmuting elements, but unfortunately he was at STAR Labs during the accelerator explosion. Hartley uses the shock from showing Cisco that Stein and Ronnie fused together as FIRESTORM to escape to be the rogue of the week in some future episode. The episode ends with more Grodd fan service.

Seeing Father Allen do more than just sit behind prison glass is a welcome development for the character. We get to see where Barry gets his skills while getting a nice tale of what happens at the jail when the camera isn’t there.  Besides that, the focus on relationships seems over the top in some cases, but we all know people that will stick with a partner regardless of what happens to them. As Arrow‘s Cupid shows, love can be dangerous if you don’t proceed cautiously.

The next two episodes deal with FIRESTORM directly, and they were a blast. I will post my reviews for them soon. In the meantime, feel free to post your reviews of Episode 12 in the comments below and read my review of The Flash Episode 11 here.

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