Gotham 17 Red Hood


Only the one wearing the Red Hood shall lead us for only the Red Hood can show us the way. The Red Hood will give us what we want, but is the price too much to pay? Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock will have to find the answer in Episode 17 of Gotham.  

Season One of Gotham is winding down, but the show keeps getting better. But, before we can get to the end, we must deal with the Read Hood Gang. The Gang begins the episode by robbing a bank and dispersing some of the money to escape. One of the men wore the red hood that gives the episode its title.

Gordon and Bullock arrive to investigate only to notice that the Gang are some thieving pros, and use some security footage to track down own of the man in the red hood.  They eventually track their man, but find him dead on the scene with his red hood missing, taken by one of his teammates. This new Red Hood leads the Gang on another heist using the same MO. Fortunately, our heroes track down the new Red Hood, but not until a third member takes the hood leaving the guy for dead. This cat and mouse chase with the Red Hood continues until GCPD surprises the Gang at a heist killing all remaining members of the Gang in the process.

While the police weren’t looking an unknown kid picks up the Red Hood while Gordon gets an unsettling phone call. Alfred was stabbed.

Alfred and Bruce were entertaining Reginald Payne, one of Alfred’s old war buddies who had hit hard times. Everything went well until Payne stabbed Alfred when he got caught stealing. Later, we discover that the Wayne Enterprises board had hired Payne to spy on and destroy Bruce’s investigations into the company.

Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot runs out of booze for his night club, and Fish Mooney pulls her eye out (literally) to negotiate with her captors. Good to see a more mellow Butch again, but I wonder what he’s planning in the long run.

From my research, the Red Hood is one of the many origin stories for the Joker. I have no idea what FOX plans for the Hood on Gotham, but since the kid picked it up I expect we will see the Red Hood gain next season if not in the remain episode of Season one.

As for Alfred’s near fatal stabbing, the commercial placement was pure genius. I expect a lot of people, including myself, wondered if Alfred would die after that break. Glad, he isn’t dead and will remain in the show. Still, it shows how far the Wayne board is willing to go to keep their secrets and power.

The next episode is “Everyone has a Cobblepot“. Obviously, it refers to the Penguin, but who it will remains to be seen. We only have about four episodes left, let’s see if they will end the season with a bang. In the meantime, feel free to post your own reviews in the comments below, and read my last Gotham review here.


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