Gotham 16 The Blind Fortune Teller


Someone send in the clowns. There ought to be clowns. James Gordon and Leslie Thompson are going to see a circus, and they want to see clowns. Maybe The Blind Fortune Teller will point us in the right direction? Don’t bother. The Joker is already here, on Gotham Episode 16! 

There is not much to say about Episode 16. It exists solely to introduce the Joker character for the show. There is the Mooney and Cobblepot side plots, but the Joker and his circus are the main attraction of the episode.

The backbone of the Joker plot revolves around the Haly’s Circus which Gordon and Thompson attend while on a date. During the event, Gordon stops a brawl between the Flying Greysons and the Lloyds. The two families were fighting over a female snake handler named Lila Valeska. This includes the parents of another DC character, Dick Greyson, a. k. a. Nightwing or the first Robin.

This lets us meet Jerome, the son of the late snake handler. I say late handler because they find her dead after releasing her snake leading to the arrest of the ringmaster. The incident also lets us meet Frank Cicero, a blind psychic. Mister Ciecro leads our heroes on a wild goose chase until they figured out that Jerome killed his mother himself and discover that Cicero is Jerome’s father. Upon hearing the news, Jerome gives off the classic Joker laugh signaling all watching who he really is.

That was a nice Joker origin story, but it felt forced. The producers definitely went with a fan service episode here. Even their promos for it declared the coming of the Joker. While this may have felt good as a fan, I feel they sacrificed some story potential in the process. Still, with the joker out of the way, they don’t have to deal with fans begging them for a sign.

Next week seems like a normal episode. So, we will have to see what they are going to do now. Mooney is off to see her captor in person, while Cobblepot gets an assistant for his club. Maybe we will also get to see something that will indicate that Gordon’s and Thompson’s relationship won’t last. Barbara seems to want Gordon back on some level, and we know the two will have a daughter according to DC comics canon. So, they have to give us something eventually.

In the meantime, you can post your own reviews on the comment below and read my last Gotham review, while Bruce gives the Wayne Enterprises board a piece of his mind.


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