Gotham 15 The Scarecrow


Fear is universal. We all fear something. Some fears are more benign than others, but they all drive us to do things we otherwise wouldn’t. What would you do if The Scarecrow delivered your greatest fear straight to your door as he does in the fifteenth episode of Gotham.  

James Gordon and Harvey Bullock continue their hunt for the Cranes in the second half of the Scarecrow arc. Gerald Crane already has his next victim in mind while our heroes search through his background. It seams Mister Crane lost his wife in a fire that he was too afraid to venture into to save her. Believing that fear is a human flaw, Crane then dedicates his life to finding ways to remove that fear. The adrenal glands he harvests were the key ingredient for his fear vaccine, a serum that makes people see their greatest fears. Our heroes manages to track down the Cranes at their house but not quick enough to stop Gerald Crane from injecting the serum into his son. The elder Cranes dies in a gunfight soon after while the kid is rushed to a hospital. Unfortunately, the fear serum has no cure, and Jonathan Crane will forever see his greatest fear: animated scarecrows.

Meanwhile, Cobblepot gets to open his lounge (under Falcone’s protection) despite threats from Maroni. Fish Mooney takes over a bunch of prisoners after being abducted by a human organ black market, while Bruce Wayne goes on a treacherous hike.

Having to see your greatest fear is not something I would want for even my own worse enemy. However, thanks to Father Crane, Jonathan Crane has to see creepy scarecrows for the rest of his life. No wonders he goes rogue. I would go insane myself if I had to witness something like that. Still, the show must go on.

The Scarecrow arc was all about the Scarecrow and not much else. I’m not complaining. It was one fantastic set of fan service for everything DC and Batman. The Gotham crew knows what their fans want. The B plots are nothing but transitions, but I’m interested in the Mooney arc. Does the black market group realize they have a mob boss in their hold? We have to wait a few episodes before we find out.

In the meantime, the Joker arrives in Gotham in the next episode. Until I post my review of it, feel free to post your Episode 15 reviews in the comments and read my Episode 14 review here.


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