Gotham 14 The Fearsome Dr. Crane


Face your greatest fears. In the fourteenth episode of Gotham, Detectives Gordon and Bullock must do just that to capture The Fearsome Dr. Crane. Can our heroes do it? Or will they go down in vertigo?  

Episode 14 is part one of the Scarecrow Origins arc. The episode begins with a serial killer hunting down people who attend a fear support group. Nygma, Gordon, and Bullock discover that the killer extracts his victims’ adrenal glands while attacking them with their greatest fears. After some more investigating, our heroes discover that the killer is Gerald Crane, the father of Jonathan Crane (the Scarecrow in Batman lore). Seems Mister Crane was greenlighting as Todd to observe his victims as a victim himself. Our heroes managed to save one of the victims before Crane escapes with his son.

In the B plots, Maroni discovers Oswald’s double agent (through Fish) and proceeds to deliver mob justice against him at his cabin upstate. Penguin manages to escape and returns to Gotham with a church troupe. Edward Nygma frames Dr. Guerra out of the medical examiner’s office leaving space for Leslie Tompkins to take the job. Jim and Leslie decide to go out together while Fish leave Gotham for awhile. Bruce relieves Gordon of his promise to find his parents’ killer, and Fish gets herself captured by some mercenaries.

Gothan gave us one great origin story after another, and the Scarecrow is no different. We are first introduced to the Scarecrow’s father, and then the man himself. The father, Gerald Crane, seems to be the villain of the two, perfectly insane like the city he calls home. I love how his reasons for being in the self-help group reflect his true self. He felt he was turning his son into a monster. He’s also very autistic about fear. He’s way too obsessed with fear even for someone who studies phobias, but that’s who he is as a character. In the end, the Cranes escape to part 2, and we get some Professor Pyg fan service.

I can’t say much about the Penguin arc. As a major rogue, we knew he would escape Maroni. While they had to resolve that plot somehow, that conclusion felt anti-climatic. Still, it gets the bird man to his club.

In the next episode, we continue Scarecrow Origins. See you then. In the meantime, post your review of the episode in the comments below and read my last Gotham review here.

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