Arrow Season 3 Episode 13 Canaries


People and places change. You cannot expect your old friends and acquaintances to remain the same when you return home after spending some time away. You cannot expect the Canaries to sing the same song as Oliver believes at the start of Arrow Season 3 Episode 13. 

We have arrived at the end of the Canary arc. Oliver is back in town and Starling City is staring to move forward after the Brick ordeal.

We begin with an reintroduction to Vertigo and Werner Zytle. While being transported from prison, the man escapes to threaten the city with his hallucinogenic drug once more. He does this by infecting a guard who begins shooting people until Laurel puts an end to it.

While Zytle is the rogue of the week, he is not the episode’s focus. Instead, the episode chooses to revolve around Laurel’s inner demons of doubt that she is not good enough to wear her sisters costume and name. Even Oliver tries to get her out of the vigilante gig, but that’s not enough to prevent the world-renown Battle of the Canaries when Zytle infects Laurel with Vertigo.

Then, we are treated to a grunge match between Laurel and Sara. Canary versus Canary. Sister against sister, like it was always meant to be.

The two woman fight several rounds before Oliver and Roy arrive to save Laurel and bring her back to base for treatment. Fortunately, Laurel overcomes the drug during a later fight where Zytle gets her with Vertigo again.

Meanwhile Merlyn begins Oliver’s training but informs Oliver that he must bring Thea into Team Arrow. Oliver goes with the plan and Thea seems to take the truth well. Though, their conversation gets disrupted when DJ Chase comes to take Thea’s life. Roy and Merlyn jump to save Thea just to see CHase commit suicide. After the incident, Oliver follows Merlyn’s orders to take Thea to Lian Yu for training to begin the next arc of the show.

The episode ends with Laurel explaining the truth to her father¬†about Team Arrow and Sara’s death. It’s a heartwarming scene, and I feel for Detective Lance’s lost, but the show must go on.

Next time, Thea and Oliver’s training on the Island. Slade also returns. I will post my review for it by next weekend along with my review of the week’s new episode that airs on Wednesday. Until then, feel free to post your own reviews in the comments, and read my review of the Arrow Uprising here.


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