Arrow Season 3 Episode 12 Uprising


Brick is holding the Glades hostage as he ravages the city taking everything he can get his hands on.Only an Uprising of the citizens can save the city, but do Starling City’s heroes have what it takes to organize and lead such a mob? We’ll find out in Episode 12 of Arrow Season 3. 

The Black Canary Origins arc continues as Oliver recovers from his death a few episodes ago.

The episode begins with Oliver deciding to head back to Starling City against Tatsu’s wishes for him to rest and heal. Tatsu leaves  him with a warning that he must seek training from someone like Maeeo who was trained by Ra’s al Ghul himself.

Meanwhile, back in Starling City, Team Arrow teams up with Merlyn to hunt the Glades for Brink despite their reservations. In fact, Team Arrow decides to inspire the citizens to take back the Glades, giving the episode its title. Oliver returns as the Arrow to end the fight before Merlyn kills Brick leading to one awesome hero speech. Arrow is back and he will never leave the city again! During these events, Malcom learns that it was Brick that killed his wife, sending him down the dark path his life took.

In the end, everyone in Starling City did their part. Captain Lance and the police gave Team Arrow all they needed to know. Team Arrow did what they had to do to bring Brick to justice. The people of the Glades held their own. This episode existed to show us the amazing fight scene between Team Arrow and Brick, and it didn’t disappoint. Even Laurel is getting a hang of the hero gig.

With Oliver back in tow, the series can get back on the main plot, but these Arrow-less episodes did not feel like filler. They all moved the show further, giving us glimpse into the reasons these characters fight. The show could of done better, of course, but I am more than satisfied at what we got.

The episode ends with Oliver asking Merlyn for training with his friends essentially disowning him, but I hope they all come around. I get Merlyn is Merlyn, but sometime the enemy of my enemy is not my enemy.

The next episode wraps up the three-part Canary arc so we can get on with the training and final arcs. I will post my review or it soon after this post. Until then, feel free to post your own reviews of Episode 12 in the comments below and read my Arrow Episode 11 review here.


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