The Flash Episode 11 The Sound and the Fury

The Flash

Harrison Wells has to pay the piper in the Eleventh Episode of The Flash. A former employee has returned to Central City looking for revenge. Does Team Flash have a sound strategy to vanquish this new foe? Or will they fall to the fury of Wells’ past?

As a Wells-centric episode, Episode 11 starts off with a threatening phone call to Dr. Well’s home. This sets of a sonic boom that shatters the windows forcing Wells to use his speed force to move out of the way. When Barry and the police arrive, Wells name drops the villain Hartley Rathaway, a former protégé.

Later Rathaway sonic booms his family’s visit to attract the attention of out red-suited hero. Barry arrives in time to stop the activities to only be told that Rathaway knows Harrison Wells’ secrets. While we the audience believe it’s about Wells’ stunt as the Reverse Flash, Rathaway and Wells retort that Rathaway knew the particle accelerator was going to go boom and Wells did nothing to stop it believing he rewards outweighed the risks.

Cisco discovers that Rathaway got caught intentionally to steal Barry’s info which leads us to the final battle of the episode. Rathway calls out the Flash on top of a dam by messing with a few innocents. Barry rushes in only to fall into Rathaway’s trap. Well’s fights back by using all the satellite radios in the area to create a sonic EMP device.

Meanwhile, Iris starts her new job at the local newspaper. Eddie investigates Harrison Wells upon Joe West’s request. Finally, Wells uses the tachyon device to charge up his speed force.

Despite all the Wells exposition here, we get very little information other than what we all expected. We know Wells let the particle accelerator explode on purpose. We know that it has something to do with Barry. We know all that. We still don’t know who Wells is other than a possible another Reverse Flash. Is he the same one causing havoc to Barry and his friends? Or someone else? We don’t know. We may get our answers by the end of the season, but the waiting kills me.

Hopefully, we will get more information on him sooner rather than later. In the meantime, feel free to post your reviews in the comments below and read my last Flash review here.


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