The Flash Episode 10 Revenge of the Rogues

The Flash

The rogues are gathering. The enemies of The Flash have joined forces to own Central City as a single coherent team. In the meantime, Barry is trying to become faster to take on the man in the yellow suit, but does that mean he has to let the rogues play in Episode 10, Revenge of the Rogues.

The episode begins with a training montage. Barry’s training involves dodging and catch live missiles. This is a great opening shot as it shows us how much Barry has progressed in his training. He is not only faster than a bullet, but he is fast enough to catch them in mid-flight.

In the meantime, Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, returns to Central City with a new friends, Mick Rory, aka Heat Wave. The two men are in town to hunt down the Flash for making Cold look like a fool.  While this main plot point will have meaning later in the series, tonight the gathering of villains is pure fan service. Snart and Rory only get together so we can have the fantastic fight between them and Barry and Eddie. That fight exists to announce the world that the Flash is here to stay both in story and for us in the real world. I like that as it gets rid of the often cliché notion that only a small group of friends and enemies know about that a superhero exists. Now, the show can get into the real story of the Flash.

The other part of the episode is Barry coming to terms with being a superhero. Last time Barry ran into a fight, innocents got hurt. This episode begins with Barry heeding Wells’ advice to not face the rogues, and continue his training for the Reverse Flash. Barry’s no show prompts the rogues to use Catlin as bait leading us to the final battle. The battle itself was fantastic as I mentioned earlier. Too many Ghostbusters reference to count or mention, but crossing the streams never felt so good.

In the end Barry wins with help from Eddie, and everything looks like the day is saved, but we get an after credit scene for a treat. Snart’s sister is in town, and she breaks out our two rogues to set up the plot for the following few episodes. That’s a lot of exposition and transition, but we needed it, and I am glad to watch it.

Next week Pied Piper makes a visit. That will end well. Can’t wait. See you then. In the meantime, feel free to post your own reviews in the comments below and read my last Flash review here.


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