Gotham Episode 13 Welcome Back Jim Gordon


A murder in a warehouse leads to a murder at Police Headquarters while Oswald Cobblepot remodels his new pad. It all comes together as Gordon and Bullock out a corrupt cop and Fish Mooney escapes Falcone to welcome back Jim Gordon in Gotham Episode 13.

Last time, I was worried that this episode was only a transitional episode to bridge us between arcs. While that still is the case, we were treated with some nice detective work by Gordon.

The episode starts off with a murder in some warehouse. Gordon and Bullock come to solve the cases, but their only clues are a shoe heel full for drugs and a lone security guard as a witness. Shortly after, they bring in their witness for questioning, someone kills the witness right there in police headquarters. All the evidence available indicates that it was an inside job. However, every time Gordon pushed a button someone higher up pushes back, and he’s back to square one.

The rest of the episode followed Gordon as he tries to find a way to beat the system and bring the bad cop to justice. Meanwhile, Butch frees Fish from being tortured, and then delivers her to the club so she can get it back from Oswald. At this time, Oswald is living it up. He bring is mother in for a party while he has fun with his new crew. Fish manages to get eh club back for a moment before Zesz comes and saves Cobblepot. Fish and Butch run away only to get trapped by a closed window. Butch lets Fish out but sacrifices himself so she can leave.

In the meantime, Gordon asks Cobblepot a favor to get the evidence he needs to get the bad cop from earlier, and everything works out. Gordon gets his man. The force accepts Gordon (for now), and Bullock escorts Fish out of Gotham.

In the end, I enjoyed this episode. It was a simple detective show with Gordon, and a simple mod show with Cobblepot and Mooney, but it was well executed. While all this was going on, Bruce gets desperate with Selena and drives her away. Hopefully, the two can patch things up, but the show must go on. Next week we jump into the Scarecrow arc, and I cannot wait. Until then, you can read my last Gotham review here, and post your own reviews in the comments below.

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