Gotham Episode 12 What The Little Bird Told Me


Jack Gruber and Aaron Helzinger are on the loose electrocuting everyone in sight. Mooney activated her trap card to overthrow Falcone. Edward Nygma starts unleashing his inner Riddler, and Jim Gordon returns to the police force. At least, that is What the Little Bird Told Me in Episode 12 of Gotham.

I missed the last episode but from I see in this episode, I did not miss much of the story. Still, I lack the knowledge and experience to understand some of the references.

The episode’s main plot revolves around the Electrocutioner, who broke out of Arkham last episode, but the episode chooses to tell a different tale. We get the tales of Gordon’s return to the force and Mooney’s plot to overthrow Falcone instead.

Most of the episode revolved around Falcone. Even the Gordon plot managed to insert Falcone into itself. Fish activated her trap card by napping Liza setting off the entire episode. Desperate to get his woman back, Falcone tries to find the culprit only to have Cobblepot reveal that Liza was nothing but a spy for Mooney. Fish, in turn, suggests that Falcone leave Gotham and leave the city to her, but Falcone turns the tables and does mob justice on Fish. And Liza. RIP Liza, you were a fun character. This leaves Mooney’s club to the Penguin, and I am excited to see what he does with the place.

In the Gordon story, Gordon demands to get his job on the police force again because he is the only one that can capture the Electrocutioner and his assistant. While everyone blames for Jack Gruber and Aaron Helzinger’s escape from Arkham Asylum, he makes a promise to the Commissioner that he will capture the fugitives in a day, and that’s what he will do. With his deck back, Gordon and Bullock plan their strategies while Nygma informs the duo that their quarry resembles a former mafia bank robber Salvatore Maroni betrayed. Gordon and Bullock use their mob connections to put Maroni under protective custody to set a trap for Buchinsky.

This is a great setup for the final Gordon vs. Electrocutioner fight, but the fight itself is a bit anti-climactic. Buchinsky puts on a great light show as he electrocutes everyone in Police Headquarters except for Gordon, who is wearing rubber boots. The actual fight is little more than a standoff. Two men staring each other down on two sides of a long aisle. Buchinsky declares his victory by showing off his electric bomb, which Gordon diffuses with a little water. Without his electricity, Buchinsky surrenders and Gordon gets his job back permanently.

While I get that the scene shows how smart Gordon is, I am left with wanting something more. I wanted to see them fight a bit more before the bad guy throws out his bomb card. Still, the scene works for what it was, and I’m okay with that.

As for the Penguin and Falcone, mob life is mob life. There is nothing there that we haven’t seen in other mob films and series. We did get to see flashbacks of Falcone’s mother, and what I think is her funeral. At least, we now know what he saw in Liza. Too bad, we won’t see Liza again. That arc was fun while it lasted. On to the next one!

The next episode looks like we will see how Gotham changed since Gordon was sent to Arkham. Looking from the next few episode titles, it may only be a transitional episode, but I hope they surprise us. See you next time. In the meantime, leave your reviews in the comments and read my last Gotham review here.



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