Arrow Season 3 Episode 11 Midnight City


Who do you vigilante for? Down in the Midnight City, Brick is taking over the Glades. Meanwhile, the remaining members of Team Arrow must figure out to deal with latest rise in villainy in their city. Do they have what it takes or will they fall flat on their faces? We will find out in the Eleventh Episode of Arrow Season 3.

Tonight, we get the main plot for the remainder of the season. We met out big bad last time. Now, the show gives us his plan. Brick is taking over the Glades, and there is nothing the Mayor or the police department can do about it. Starling City needs its hero, but he’s in Asia recovering from his death.

Oliver’s friends are still dealing with losing him. Unfortunately, they are the only ones capable of dealing with Brick and his men. Laurel joins the team as the new Black Canary despite her lack of experience or training. Ray desperately wants to join the fight as Atom despite Felicity’s objections. Roy and Diggle want to get back on the streets despite their lack of backup. Felicity wants none of it despite how much her friends need her. They all want to be in the superhero business. They just need to find their reasons to fight, and that’s the main story of the episode. The episode ends by revealing Thea’s DJ is a League spy.

Meanwhile, Tatsu gives some meta explaining that Oliver lives because of his will to live and the cold mountain air. Despite living in the present, Oliver’s half of the episode takes place mostly in the flashbacks. We get to see how Maseo and Oliver free Tatsu with the mean taking down a triad night club with a fake bottle of drugs. In the present, the League comes for Oliver’s body only for Maseo to eliminate the men. Obviously, this means Maseo’s days in the League are numbered, and Oliver offers sanctuary in Starling City.

The episode’s main theme about finding your reason to fight, your reason to live, is universal to us all. We all must decide why we do the things we do. Only then can we succeed. But sometimes, we need our asses kicked to realize this. We are not invincible, but, with the right motivation, we can all be heroes. Who are you willing to fight for?

Brick makes for an excellent big bad as well. He’s no meta-human. He’s just strong and doesn’t care for anyone but himself. He clearly see himself as a king of some sorts and willing to do anything to achieve that goal. He’s the perfect nemesis to our bow-using heroes.

I love where the series is going. I’m also glad the series will continue into Season 4 as well. Let’s see what the future will bring. In the meantime, feel free to post your own reviews in the comments, and read my last Arrow review here.

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