Arrow Season 3 Episode 10 Left Behind


Oliver has died, and Starling City has to live without him. For those Left Behind, life is a series of misery and doubt. Can Team Arrow stay together? Or will they go their separate ways in Episode 10 of the Third Season of Arrow?

Last time, Oliver fell at the hands or Rais el Ghul. His body tumbling down the mountainside. With no knowledge of what happened, Oliver friends do what they can do in his absence. Diggle cosplays as the Arrow to protect the city alongside Roy. A new crime lord by the name Danny Brickwell (Brick) takes over the Glades. Thea fears the worse for Oliver, and Felicity is in denial. Though, Felicity finally accepts Oliver’s death when Malcom returns with Ra’s’ blade from the dual site stained with Oliver’s blood. This in turn causes Felicity to second guess her role on the team, and vacates leaving Diggle and Roy to handle the hero business by themselves. Meanwhile, Diggle learns than Brick has gathered his own henchmen and plans to rule the Glades in Arrow’s absence. Before she leaves, Felecity traps our heroes in our warehouse to protect them and closes Team Arrow. This prompts Laurel to finally put on the Canary suit and join Diggle and Roy on the streets of Starling City. The episode ends with Maseo and Tatsu brining Oliver back to life.

This episode tries to answer the age old riddle: what happens to your friends and family once you die. A billion dollar industry grew around it. So, you know how big a question it is. Here, Oliver has passed away without leaving a last will and testament, and his friends and sister has to live without him. Some try to continue his work. Others are so devastated that they go into seclusion to re-evaluate their lives.

As viewers we are privilege with information the characters on the screen don’t have. This can make episodes such as this one difficult to sit through, but the Arrow crew made it worth it. Everyone has a different level of acceptance that feels true to life. There are some scenes we didn’t need to see such as Laurel in the court room, but everything works out in the end. I can’t wait to see the surprise in everyone’s face once they learn that Oliver has risen from the dead. We still have weeks before that happens, but at least we can imagine.

Next episode, Oliver deals with being brought back to life while Laurel learns the hero life the hard way. See you then. In the meantime, feel free to post your own reviews in the comments below, and read my last Arrow review here.


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