TIme to Consolidate My Blogs


When I first moved to BlogJob, I decided to keep all my former post on my Blogger site. I did this so I partly because I didn’t want to do the work needed to transfer the posts, but for Yahoo’s mishap with its old Contributor Network. Now, I feel it is time to move all my major posts off Blogger and move them here. 

While this momentarily duplicates my posts, everything should fall in to place once I am done. I can then continue blogging here as have been without worrying about people coming over to my old blog and leaving.

Having those old articles here may also motivate me to write similar posts in the future. I was a science writer before the Yahoo Contributor Network shut down. I want to get back into that niche. I may be able to do just that if I had a visual reminder that I can do it and that I can do it well.

I suffer from a mild mental disorder. So, simplifying my life can only be a good thing. Combining my Blogger and BlogJob blogs will drop me down to two  (3 if you include the blog I manage for someone else). 2 blogs is the perfect setup for me. I will have Toon Radio for my animation articles, and I will have BlogJob for everything else. Plus, all my personal articles will be in once place that I can easily port if BlogJob closes.

If you think this is a good idea as well, you can read the old articles as I post them. If not, feel free to post your suggestions in the comments bellow. I will take anything you have to say in to consideration. Either way, I hope that I can both entertain you while I inform you about everything I can about science, technology, and entertainment.


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