Three Jetpacks for Sale You Can Buy Now


As a science fiction fan all my life, I have always wanted to fly. Ever since I was young, I dreamed about owning a jetpack, or rocket pack, to fly myself around town, from home to work/school, and everywhere in between, and I don’t believe I am alone. From science fiction to the finest action film, Hollywood has captivated us with this glorious piece of personal transportation technology. Fortunately, rocket packs are real. Unfortunately, most of them are custom-built props and show pieces for stunts and other demonstrations. However, this is changing, and we already have three commerciallyavailable models on sale right now with more on the way.

Go Fast Jetpack

At five years of development, JP International’s Go Fast currently owns the world’s longest flight record. While not designed for speed or height, the Go Fast may be the first commuter jetpack, but at an initial price of $200,000, you may want to wait and buy used. I know I will.

Martin Jetpack

We may have to wait a few years for the Go Fast, but we only have to wait a year for the Martin. The Martin Jetpack will be the first mass produced jetpack for sale and the company already boasts that presale orders have been coming in for years. Priced little more than your average midsize car, the Martin is more a helicopter with propellers than a jet. If Martin can keep their deadlines, you will see me sporting one of these in a few years.

JetLev R200

Unlike the other models on this list, we cannot buy the R200. We can only rent it. For only $236 a day, you can play Iron Man over the California coast levitating with a water jet from a tethered pump. While each ride only lasts three hours, this will be the only rocket pack most of us will fly in the next decade. At least, I know what I will do on my next trip to Southern California.

Since they look like a lot of fun, we all want our very own jetpack. We all feel the need to soar like Iron Man across the sky. Unfortunately, while they exist, most models are just props for stunts and not for sale. However, there are a few companies willing to make jetpacks for the rest of us. The three models mentioned in this article are only the beginning. If history repeats itself as it did for cars, we will all be flying around town with our very own rockets before we know it.

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