The Flash Episode 9 The Man in The Yellow Suit

The Flash

Who is The Man in the Yellow Suit? Who is this man that killed Barry’s mother and has been causing havoc for his friends and family ever since? Do we know him or is he a new character? We will find out in the mid-season finale of The Flash

Who is the man in the yellow suit?

The man in the yellow suit is the man of the half-hour in this episode. Everything revolves around him. While he was around since the beginning of the show, he only directly confronts Barry now, and what a confrontation it was. Two speedsters running around a football stadium. Lighting everywhere and nowhere ate the same time. These two men transcend the laws of physics and they know it. In the end, we find out the yellow man is Professor Zoom.

We also get some info on Harrison Wells. We know he is up to no good, but we know nothing else about him. Now, we learn that his in fact another man in a yellow suit. There is a strong chance that the two suit guys are the same person as well. We also get the term Reverse Flash. So much fan service so little time.

In the end, Professor Zoom gets away but not until Wells gets his time travel device. We also get to see Roonie’s momentary return. He’s a fire man now, but he still knows who he is (for now) He save Barry and Team Flash today, and that has to mean something. Still the man in the yellow suit got away to start the second half of the season. In the meantime, Barry finally professes his love of Iris, and we get a cute Christmas party to end the episode.

I’m looking forward to the second half. It starts January 20, and it looks amazing from the trailers. The Flash has been a fun ride, and I want to stay its proverbial train. Let’s see if they can keep up the pace to end. Until then, feel free to post your reviews in the comments below, and the read my review of the Flash-Arrow crossover.

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