The Flash Episode 8 Flash vs. Arrow

The Flash

Emotions can turn you evil if you let them control you. Emotions do not know the difference between right and wrong. You should never let them be your master. Your heart can be a guide, but your head must always be in control. Barry Allen discovers this the hard way in the first part of the Arrow – Flash crossover in Flash vs. Arrow the eighth episode of The Flash.

Seeing Red

In this episode, the rogue-of-the-day is a guy that can turn you evil by looking at you. When his gaze falls upon you, his pupils turn red. This causes your pupils turn red, and you see everything in a nice red tint. All this redness then drives you insane and you start killing people to regain your sanity. Of course, you never realize this, and end up dumbfounded when the redness subsides.

This is what happens to Barry Allen. Barry always rushes in without assessing the situation. This time he fails to notice what the red eyes do to people. In the end, he comes down with a bit of red eye himself, and lets his feelings or Iris get the best of him to the point of almost killing Edward. Oliver had to come in with the rest of Teams Arrow and Flash to calm Barry down enough so he can get treated with flashing lights. The lights are reminiscent of the Green Lantern’s lantern colors, and is a nice touch.

As a fan service episode, Flash vs. Arrow was a great nod to the fans of both shows. I love the fight between Barry and Oliver, and it shows how much both heroes have come on their journeys. We’ll get more of that in the Arrow half of the cross over. So, I will continue the discussion there.

In the meantime, feel free to post your own reviews and opinions of the episode in the comments below and then read my last Flash review.

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