Switching to Vlogs in 2015


In order to find my blogging niche, I am switching all my blogs to video blogs starting next month. I created Toon Radio as a multimedia streaming franchise, and videos fit in that well. Converting my personal blog to videos just makes my life that much easier. 

Video Blogs Are The Way To Go

I am not abandoning BlogKob. I like this place, and I want to remain here. I will just use my BlogJob blog to announce when I post a new video blog to YouTube. I feel that is the best way for me to handle it. I plan on doing the same for Toon Radio as well.

I am waiting until 2015 to begin the videos because I still have a few blog series that I want to complete before the move. I still have blogs for first halves of The Flash and Arrow to complete, and there are only two episodes left of the Legend of Korra. I want to keep these as written blogs. While I can just do them along with the videos, I don’t have the time with my other writing tasks to do them all.

With that said, I do plan on vlogging the remaining episodes of the DC Comics shows. They will come as I create them once the shows return in January. I also plan on adding other series to the blog list, but I’m still debating which shows to do.

In fact, I plan to devote both my blog and the TRMeson YouTube channel to television reviews. I will do blogs on other topics as well, but I need a focus, and television is easy to do with my resources. I already watch too many YouTube videos and television programming already. So, I might as well make them work for me.

In the meantime, I have to get more comfortable at blogging. I understand that creating a video takes time. I will have to create my notes, record the video, and then edit it before I upload them. That’s three different tasks compared to the two (write and proofread) for written blogs. That means reducing my blogging goals from 4-5 a day to 3-4.

That should be doable as I do 2 a day right now. I just have to get that third blog in. But I also have to make a living doing this, and that means find ways to monetize my blog, YouTube channel, and my writing in general. At three blogs a day, I am going to have to choose which of them will have to be paid blogs for other websites, and which I can do for myself. That’s a big program given that I have been stuck doing the $8 blogs for BlogMutt for a few weeks. Hopefully things change before the New Year.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments. While you are at it, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, Toon Radio, and read the other posts on this blog.

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