Sony, The Interview, and the North Korean Hackers

The Interview

You probably heard that Sony Pictures has scrapped the Christmas theatrical release of the film “The Interview” due to the cyber attacks against them and major theater chains. I may become a victim myself for this, but I would have released the picture regardless of what North Korea thinks or does.

North Korea is a joke. They threaten their neighbors with misses that don’t work only stop when we give them some sort of aid. These cyber attacks are nothing different. We just need to give them a token to play with, and they will no longer care about the films we make.

There is one good things that may come out of this fiasco. People now understand that cyber threats are real, and that can only mean better internet technology for all of us.

Until then, we have to deal with Sony’s decision.

Before I continue, I must note that Sony pulled the film because the theaters pulled the film. Sony was still going to release it even with the attacks. They only pulled it because they didn’t have enough screens to play it.

That should mean something. The studio was confident enough in Seth Rogen and the film to keep going forward. We don’t get to see that much conviction among corporations these days. Too bad the theaters decided to wimp out.

We still have time before we can declare victory for the terrorists. Sony just has to release the film in some capacity. Then, North Korea will never be able to stop it. The film will then become a cult favorite played at various art theaters around the world where the hackers cannot reach. Sony just needs the guts to go with their original plan and release the film.

If Sony does release it, people will pay to see it. Sony just needs to leverage the great PR the terrorists gave them. If they can do that, everyone will win.

One comment

  • I agree! I might have more sympathy if the movie was a drama and portrayed killing the North Korean president, but everyone can see that this is another dumb comedy that doesn’t take itself seriously in any respect. Sony should release it and let people see what they think of it. If they (the studio execs) had faith in the movie at one point, clearly they thought it had merit.

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