Arrow Season 3 Episode 9 The Climb


We all have a mountain to climb, some more steep than others. We all have to push through to the top. That’s how heroes are made. Be the hero you were meant to be. Follow the steps of Oliver Queen makes his way to the top in The Climb, the mid-season finale of Season 3 of Arrow

How high do you have to climb?

Ra’s Al Ghul has laid down his ultimatum. Team Arrow must give him Sara’s killer or people will start dying. This sets the plot for the entire episode.

After some detective work, Team Arrow discover Sara’s killer was Thea. It seems Thea was in Sterling City longer than she told everyone. However, after confronting her, Oliver discovers that she was drugged during the killing. In other words, Thea killed Sara but she does not and will not remember doing it. That’s big stuff. What will Oliver say to Ra’s?

After a brief confrontation with Merlin, Oliver decides to put the blame on himself. He challenges Ra’s to a duel to clear his name. This brings us to the climb to where the fight will take place.

Oliver was climbing the mountain.The episode shifted from the climb, Oliver’s past in Hong Kong, and the present. The climb is meant to be a metaphor for the entire episode. Oliver had to climb to the top to free Sterling City from certain death, both literally and figuratively.

The fight scene was as good as your typical Arrow fight scene. It was fantastic, but nothing new for the show. The ending, however, is such as cliff hanger that I don’t even know where to begin. Ra’s stabs Oliver straight through the gut cause Oliver to fall off the mountain as the credits roll.

What a feast for the eyes. Arrow has lived up to its hype. I missed out on the first season and a half, and Season 3 has made me want to go back and watch it on Hulu or Amazon Prime. I got a month before the show return to do that. I will have to add it on the things to do during Christmas.

With Palmer revealing his intentions to become eth Atom, the series is among the best television series I have watched in a long time. I look forward for the second half. See you then.

While we wait, feel free to post your own reviews in the comments below, and to read my Flash-Arrow review.


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