Arrow Season 3 Episode 8 The Brave And The Bold


The life of a hero is riddled with moments that question your morality. The enemy has no restraints on what they can and will do to you and your friends. How you handle the situation will tell a lot about you as a person. Will you stand by your morals or will you bend them to get the job done? Arrow makes this decision all the time. The Flash discovers this hard truth in the second half of the Flash-Arrow crossover, Brave and The Bold, the eighth episode of Arrow’s Season 3. 

In this episode, Captain Boomerang is running amuck. ARGUS ditched him while he was on assignment, and now he wants revenge. Boomerang is a great foil for our dynamic duo. He’s smart and cunning enough to deal with both Arrow and Flash at the same time. The power of the boomerang also gives him the ability to attack from behind corners keeping him safe from arrows or bullets. He’s the perfect villain for the crossover.

Oliver and Barry are at different stages of their superhero journeys. Oliver is time-harden veteran. Barry is still a greenhorn. That difference in experience is the point of the episode. Oliver is the Batman of the duo. He uses questionable tactics to get his results. Barry is the Superman of the group. He has the power to do anything but he fears killing people with that power.

The thing is that both approaches have their value. We want our superheroes to act like perfect scouts, but we need them to be vicious. They have to know when is appropriate to use one philosophy over the other. That’s the message of the episode. Teams Flash and Arrow only win when they work together blending the two philosophy as needed to reach their goal. The world is not an ideal place, and must all remember that, but we cannot complete give up out ideals either. It’s the balance between the two that matters.

The next episodes for both Arrow and the Flash are the mid-season finales.  I will post them as I write the. Until then, feel free to post your opinions of the crossover in the comments below, read my opinions on the first half here, and my previous Arrow episode here.


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