The Flash Episode 6 The Flash is Born

The Flash

The key to fighting is patience. You have to know when to punch and when to fall back. It does not matter what type of fighting you have to do. You will only succeed if you take the time to do it right. Remember, there is no shame in running from a fight either. You just have to know how far to run as Barry Allen learns in the Flash Episode 6, The Flash is Born

The Flash IS Born

A new meta-human is in town, and he wants Iris. This meta-human has the steel skin as his power, and that means normal hits won’t work on him. To make matters worse, this new meta-human bullied Barry in high school. It doesn’t look good for our hero.

Then there is Iris herself. She Is insistent to keep blogging about the Red Streak despite the dangers it puts herself in and the wishes of everyone else. This is of course, how the metal man finds Barry and Iris. He tracks down Iris through her blog for bait against the Streak.

With this setup, the episode is about, Barry getting faster.  In the comics, the Flash can go father than light, and even do some time traveling, but Barry is nowhere near that level of power yet. He has to breach the sound barrier first, which is what he has to do to defeat his old bully, now enemy.

In the end, Barry does go Mach 1.1, and defeats his old bully pushing down the path to his future super-physical powers. In the meantime, Iris continues her blog. She renames her blog to the Flash, giving us the series name drop and the title of the episode.

I love seeing Barry grow into his hero self. The series is bound for multiple seasons, and I love that they going slow enough to not jerk the audience around, but fast enough to keep us interested. I expect a second season to be green lit in no time.

I haven’t watched Episode 7 yet. So, it might be a while before I give you my next review. I’m going to see if I can catch it over the weekend on Hulu or something before next week’s ArrowFlash two-part crossover.

Until, I can give you the next Flash review, you can post your Episode 6 reviews in the comments below, and reed my Episode 5 review here.

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