The Flash Episode 5 Plastique

The Flash

In this episode of the Flash, Barry and friends meet a woman that can blow you up. Iris takes her flash blogging to the next level, and the military is getting involved. If nothing else, it all ends in a big boom.

Who are your friends?

This episode begins with a woman blowing up some record and a security guard. The guard’s death sets of the plot of the episode and the episode never switches from it. Yeah, everyone gets some development, and we learn the reasons why Iris blogs about the Flash. But, all these subplots are connected.

Our bomber girl is an ex-military meta-human with the power to blow up anything (or anyone) she touches. Cisco has a crush on her, and then the military comes in to take over the investigation. It seems the army was using the bomb girl as a weapon.  Team Flash tries to help the woman, but in the end their efforts didn’t work. She blows herself to end the episode trying to take out the army general pursuing her. At least, Barry now knows how to run on water.

While that is going on, Iris steps up her blogging. She manages to be right there when the Flash saves someone by running up a building. This just makes her want to blog even more despite her father’s and Barry’s wishes. She ends up explaining herself when Barry confronts her as the Flash. Iris blogs about the Flash to protect Barry. One day, she will be able to enter Barry’s world, but now.

A decent episode, but the evil military is beyond cliché at this point. I understand the trope, but they could have told this week’s story without using it. We will have to see where this leads now that the military knows about Star Labs. We will obviously see them again and it won’t be fun for Barry and the crew.

In the meantime, we got a strong man next week. That means Barry will need to learn how to break the sound barrier. The episode looks like it is going to be a sonic boom of an episode. So, see you then. For now, check out my review for the last Flash episode, and post your comments below.


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