The Flash Episode 4 Going Rogue

The Flash

At some point in a young super hero’s life, you have to decide who your main friends and enemies will be. All great powers need a reason, and everyone needs people to fight and people to support them in those fights. Great, if you can find them naturally through normal human interactions. If you cannot do this, you have to make your own. Unknowingly, the Flash took the latter, and that will come to haunt him and his friends in the fourth episode of The Flash.

Cold Shipping Flash-Arrow Rogue Cameos

This Flash episode was dedicated to the Felicity-Barry ship. The show starts off with a robbery. Some thugs try to steal some jewel from an armored truck before the Flash stops them. After some brief story, we discover that those thugs were professional thieves, and Felicity arrives from Arrow to see the Flash in action.

From that point on, we get shipping followed by plot movement. The plot was simple. The big bad for the week wants to steal a jewel and then find a way to stop the Flash. He eventually comes across a gun, a gun designed to stop Barry in his tracks. Built by the Flash team prior to Barry’s involvement, the gun gives the people the power to freeze. Our villain decides to use this gun to become Captain Cold. After his victory, Captain Cold decides to distribute more STAR Labs tech to create even more villains for the Flash establish the Rogues.

When Team Flash was not dealing with the Cold, they were shipping Felicity and Barry together. Now, I get it. Cameos are fan service by nature, and they had to give Felicity a reason to be in Central City. Still, the blatant shipping was way too much shipping for one episode. Every scene had someone mention the pair together or we had the pair doing crap together. I like my shipping to be a lot more subtle. A hint here, a hint there, sure, I can go with that, but every damn scene, and have the other characters call them out on it as well? Damn!

Warner Bros and DC could have done much more. The episode had potential to mean something. Yet, they chose fan pandering. Great job!

Besides the shipping, this was a very good episode. It set up Captain Cold and his cohorts up as the season’s main villains. It gave us Barry’s weakness making him appear more human than the supernatural freak he was before. This was the worse episode of the series for me so far, but it wasn’t bad enough to keep me from watching more. See you all next time.

I’m going to try to do all future Flash blogs Wednesday mornings following each episode. Trying to do them right after the show wasn’t working out. I’ll still do reviews of Gotham, Flash, and Arrow though. So expect more to come from me. For now, you can read my last Flash review here, and place your own reviews for the Felicity episode in the comments below.

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