Gotham Episode 9 Harvey Dent


Time to flip a coin and let chance decide your fate. Counselor Harvey Dent is in town and is here to clean up Gotham. His first task is to bring the Wayne murderer to justice along side MCU and Jim Gordon. It will take time for them to catch their man, but they can get the ball rolling in the Ninth Episode of Gotham, Harvey Dent

Head or Tails?

Continuing with the story of the last episode, Gordon is still the black sheep of the police department. As the only good cop in Gotham, he is a marked man, straining both his relationships and his career. So, he males his move. He seeks counsel with the only guy who will listen to him: Counselor Harvey Dent.

Harvey Dent is one of the more tragic Batman villains. He’s DC’s answer to the Hulk, but with a more chilling mental disorder. Fortunately for him, I doubt we will see his Two-face persona any time soon in Gotham. Still, he is a man of Gotham, and, like the Penguin, it will be interesting to see his decent into his dark side.

In this episode, Dent and Gordon scheme a plan to weed out the Wayne killer. They are going to rough up Lovecraft, one of the main mob bosses in Gotham, and they will use Selena Kyle to do it. Selena saw who killed the Waynes, and they need her to testify against the culprit. To keep Selena safe until then, they place Selena in care of Alfred setting up the other half of the episode.

Any long time consumer of the Batman franchise knows about the future relation ship between Selena and Bruce. While Bruce has been with other women over the years, the series almost always comes back to Selena and Bruce. And in this episode, we get to see how they first me.

Selena and Bruce shipping aside, the episode’s main plot of the kidnaped reform bomber was interesting as well. It must suck to finally get out of prison only to be forced into doing the same stuff that got you into prison in the first place. Gordon saves the guy in the end but does not come closer to knowing who killed the Waynes. In fact, the rabbit hole gets bigger as some else tries to kill the bomb (or at least the money he steals). We know the new guy works for Fish, but we have to wait until the second half of the season to know the truth,

Next up is the mid-season finale, and it is fantastic. I will post my review of it shortly. Until them you can post your own Episode 9 reviews in the comments below, and read my previous Gotham review here.


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