Gotham Episode 8 The Mask


What are you willing to do for your job? Are you ready to do anything for your career? Are you ready to kill it out there? There are many others that would love to kill you for your job. Are you ready to behead them for it? Because that’s what you must do to rise the corporate ladder in Gotham according to the Eighth Episode, The Mask.

Kill or Be Killed for Gotham

This episode of Gotham starts off strong with an office fight. Two men in masks fighting over seniority. There is nothing better. Gordon is still dealing with what happened in the last episode. His fellow cops don’t want anything to do with him. Meanwhile, Penguin continues to rise the ranks in the mob. Back to the main plot, Gordon and Bullock track the killer to a financial institution. After confronting the owner and his masks, Gordon finds the killer in a restroom which bolts knocking Gordon to the ground. This is happening as Bruce faces some bullying in school.

I’m not sure how the masked killer plays into the whole mob war thing. Still, it is an interesting side story. It seems the money guy makes his employee literally fight for their positions.  It seems you can’t leave the firm alive. Glad I don’t have to worry about that being a freelancer. Gordon eventually finds the office that the fights takes place but the money guy gets to him first, and gets his killer with the help of the Police Department and Bullock. In the meantime, Bruce gets his first major fight in this episode as well. It seems he has defeated his bully for now.

In the end, Bruce begins his Batman training, and everything seems okay at police headquarters. Barbara leaves Jim though, and that makes me sad. Hope they get back together in the end. Jim and Barbara have a daughter in the Batman mythos (Batgirl/Oracle) so I expect the breakup to be temporary. Still, sad to see good relationships fall apart like that.

Next time, Harvey Dent (Two Face) joins the party, and Bruce has Selena has a sparring partner. Gotham is picking up the pace, and I like it. Batman is still ten years in the future. So, unless we get a time skip at some point, Bruce will remain Bruce and Gotham will still fall apart, but the progression has finally begin.

Until next week, you can read my previous Gotham blog here, and post your own reviews in the comments below.

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