Gotham Episode 7 Penguin’s Umbrella


It’s a part of his plan. Everything that has transpired was done according to his design. All fall under his umbrella. He alone says who lives and who dies. What you had for breakfast this morning was even planned by him. For he is the puppet master of Gotham. He is the Penguin

It’s The Penguin’s World. We’re Just His Pawns.

The proverbial cat is of the bag. No, not Selena Kyle. I’m talking about Gordon and Cobblepot. Everyone now knows that Jim Gordon did not kill Oswald Cobblepot as ordered by mob, and now a gang war is taking over Gotham.

Last time Major Crimes thought that had enough evidence to convict Gordon of murder and conspiracy until Cobblepot waltzed through the door. Now everyone wants Gordon dead, and there is no one that will stand by his side except for his fiancé, the MCU, Bullock, Bruce Wayne and Alfred.

So much has been revealed in this episode that you might miss a few. We now have the entire plot for the rest of the season.

I like how Gotham has turned out so far. Along with the Constantine, Arrow, and the Flash, DC and Warner Bros have the small screen covered. Their movies flop, but with such television hits, I doubt they need cinema at the point. DC Comics should leave the big screen to Marvel and Disney and concentrate on the strengths they do have.

As I’m writing this piece after the mid-season finale, I have already written my reviews for all the episodes in the first half of the season. I will just have to upload them. Plan on seeing them either tonight or later this week. For your review of Gotham Episode 7 in the comments below, read my previous Gotham blog, and then read my next review here (once I upload it).

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