Gotham Episode 10 Lovecraft


The Hunt for the Wayne killer takes a bad turn as an assassin hunts down Bruce and Selena. With the kids on the run, Alfred and Gordon try to find them and the one who leaked their whereabouts in the midseason finale of Gotham, Lovecraft.

On the Hunt for Lovecraft

There are two parts to this episode.

In the kids arc, Bruce and Selena run to hide from their assassins. This creates the stage for Bruce to see the real Gotham. Selena is the only character that tells Bruce how things really are, and this romp through the Gotham underground reveals how much Bruce has to learn before becoming the Batman.

The power of the kids arc is that it let’s the kids be kids. Kids that adults can’t, and the episode takes advantage of this with how Selena trains Bruce to fight in the streets of Gotham.

While the kids play, the adults go after Lovecraft. Gordon and Dent feel Lovecraft is bankrolling the assassins. So, they track him down to get him to call the hit off. They finally find Lovecraft but not until the assassins find them, killing Lovecraft in the process (with Gordon’s own gun). With the lead at dead end, Alfred and Jim track down the kids, leading to the final confrontation between the assassins and our heroes.

What a busy episode. It jumped back and forth between the kids and adults. While I understand that this was to show the passage of time, it was a bit rough keeping track of it all.

We got to see Alfred kick ass though. He deals the assassins a nice blow in the beginning of the episode, and didn’t let up from there. Even the mob is scared of him. In the end, it was not enough to save Lovecraft. And because of this, Gordon gets sent to Arkham. While is sucks for Gordon, we will now see what goes on inside that place. We have to wait for January though, as the series is taking Christmas off.

If you like the Selena and Bruce kiss at the end or just love seeing Alfred kick ass, post your comments below. You can also read my previous Gotham review while we wait for more Gotham action next year.

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