Arrow Season 3 Episode 7 Draw Back Your Bow


Love hurts. It does not matter how hard you try, your loved one will always stab you in the back. Especially if they are an obsessed fan as it is the case with Oliver and his fangirl in Draw Back Your Bow, the seventh episode of Arrow Season 3. 

Fangirls Be Scary

This time we meet Carrie Cutter, also known as Cupid. She is a mentally insane woman with a crush on the Arrow.

In the comics, Carries was a Federal agent that undergone a secret experiment to become a super soldier that destroyed her mind in the process. In the TV series, she is an ex-cop with a straight-up mental disorder. Both scenarios make her a sympatric ‘villain’. She kills for her true love, but she does not know that her killings are both wrong and are what drives her loves away.

Arrow saved her earlier in the series from some hoodlums. This sets Carrie down the fangirl path learning how to use a bow and how to track down Arrow. She grabs an old colleague to set up her own Term Arrow, taking on the name of Cupid. She then eliminates anyone that stands between her and the Arrow.

We first see her killing Wild Cat’s sidekick in the last episode, probably so they can show us how she meets Arrow in this one. Her relationship with her CSI friends parallels Oliver and Felicity which doesn’t bode well for either pairing. At least, Oliver manages to get Carrie under control in the end. He handles her over to A.R.G.U.S. and the Suicide Squad in hopes that they can help her deal with her issues.   Thus, we will probably see her again in the future.

I guess I am fortunate to now have a crazy fangirl yet. I had only one woman drunk call me in the past, but nothing on the level of Carrie. Still, that does not mean I will have one in the future. Do you have some crazy fan stories? Tell us about them in the comments below while you read my last Arrow review here.

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