Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 Guilty


Our dreams tell a lot about us. These subconscious creations of our minds reveal our strengths and weaknesses, our desires, our fears, and our histories. Most of the time, we can safely ignore them. Other times, they reveal truths we have tried forgot. What have your dreams found Guilty of? Do they show you killing someone like Roy’s dreams do in Arrow Season 3 Episode 6? 

What are you Guilty of?

Episode 6 continues the story presented in the last scene of the previous episode. Roy has nightmares of killing Sara. This obviously frightens him. Throughout the episode, he tries to come to terms with this revelation too. It appears that Sara was killed by a arrow thrown by someone with Mirakurum , the drug that ravaged Starling City last season.

Roy believes he is guilty of murdering Sara, but this is not the only meaning behind the title ‘Guilty’. There a serial killer on the loose leaving behind ‘Guilty’ messages everywhere leaving bad dead guys in his wake.

This episode is about memories. We all remember more than we realize. We just block out most of it, choosing to ‘remember’ only what we want to remember. While this is good for most cases, we often find ourselves needing more at times.

The episode is also about trusting people in light of those dark memories we try to forget.

It turns out that Roy did not kill Sara, but he did murder someone, the police officer her slayed in Season 2.  This makes him doubt his status and right to be a part of Team Arrow. Roy’s self-loathing is understandable. He did kill someone, but we must all learn to give people second chances.

The killer turned out to be the former sidekick for Ted Grant. It appears that Laurel’s trainer was once a vigilante like Oliver under the name Wild Cat. Like Oliver, Ted also had a sidekick until one night when a bust went wrong and they killed a man. Ted felt the sidekick did it and left the poor guy for dead. The present ‘Guilty’ murder spree was just his way to get back at Grant.

The parallels between Ted and Oliver are no coincidence. They are the message we must learn. Oliver and Roy have to trust each other, only then can they be successful vigilantes. Ted’s refusal to forgive and trust his own partner almost cost his and his partner’s life. In fact, it probably did cause the partner’s death as he may not have been a target for Cupid as witnessed in the last scene of the episode.

Do you have a past you don’t want to talk about? Free your conscious and post it in the comments below as you read my previous Arrow review here.


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